marți, 21 iulie 2009

La multi ani, Adriana!

Ia uitati cum lucreaza ea pentru binele organizatiei! :)

Multumim si la multi ani!
Sanatate si multi bani!
Prieteni buni si campuri multe!
Sa ai doar soare pe munte!

joi, 16 iulie 2009

Summer Camp

Noah bine... a venit si vara asa ca am plecat cu totii in camp. Daca doriti, ne puteti gasi in: Ro-Mania, Siebenburg, Kandersteg, RoverWay, Jamboreea nationala a Sloveniei, Campul national de temerari, Campul national de lupisori sau orice camp de centru local. See you there.

P.S.: We'll bring the Wizzard back with us. Poate ne ajuta sa avem si noi Jamboree Nationala...

sâmbătă, 11 iulie 2009

idei de afaceri am de gand sa-i fac vreo reclama baiatului, dar unii vad ca se ocupa de afaceri ne asteptam pe viitor la o colaborare cu scout shop-u?? oare ce zice cristi??
pentru detalii vizitati blogul de mai jos:
Ce zici Mihnea imi faci si mie un tricou?

duminică, 5 iulie 2009

rights and responsabilities

volunteers' rights
to be prepared
to be respected
not to be misused
to have someone to talk alobut work
to know what is expected from them and to whom they are responsable to
to know to whom they can turn to if problems arise
to ask for help or support
to ask for changes
to rebel against unjust procedure, treatment or critic
to say 'no'
to be rewarded and commended
to have suitable equipment
to make mistakes and learn from them
to again something from their work
to know how they are chosen
to be informed
to ask questions
to get answers
to develop, grow and change
to receive positive and constructive feedback
to be part of a team and involved in certain meetings and social events
to be insured and have a safety working environment
not to be discriminated based on race,sex sexual orentation,disabilities,age
to be trust in
to be consulted
to have their own feelings, opinions and beliefs

volunteers' responsabilities
to be open-minded
to be responsable
to respect others and their rights
to respect working standards of the organisations,its aims and value
to be honest if any problems turn up
to ask for support if needed
to participate on trainings and to support work-related activities
to be tolerant
to keep promises
to respect deadlines and finish the given tasks
to give feedback
to accept constructive critics,and comments
to respect privacy
to enjoy
to know their rights

joi, 2 iulie 2009


Cica ong-urile din Bucuresti o pun de un festival in centrul vechi. Oare voi putea gasi standul cercetasilor pe acolo?

Am inteles ca ar fi vorba si de ceva concerte deci lume sigur se va aduna. Mai este pana in septembrie, dar sper sa ne vedem pe acolo...